Quality improvement Initiatives

Quality Excellence represents a comprehensive set of processes that organizations should have in place in order to optimize performance. Six Sigma, Lean, Balanced Scorecard, and other powerful tools, that organizations can use to enhance performance. With rising pressure on healthcare providers to reduce costs and improve quality, an increasing number of organizations are looking to “Lean” tools and techniques as a breakthrough solution for performance improvement. There are tremendous opportunities in the healthcare system for reducing waste, improving patient care, and reducing cost.

Many hospitals are implementing new and exciting practices to reduce and eliminate unnecessary costs (waste). Reducing waste in healthcare is eliminating everything that increases costs or the time to do a procedure, provide a service, or administer care to a patient.

Don’t Cut Cost – Cut Waste. Adopt Lean and Six Sigma management strategies – while not a simple task – to help improve processes and outcomes, reduce cost, and increase satisfaction among patients, providers and staff. It has become essential that we help you look forward and take yourself and your HCO to the next level of quality in your journey in healthcare


We undertake training modules in form of short courses on varied topics related to quality, Our training courses are designed to cater to your needs and keeping in view the current state and the limitations, Training Courses undertaken are : Infection Prevention Control, Clinical Audit ,Patient safety, Clinical Risk Management ,Bio Waste Management, QA in Hospital ,Consent and Communication Skills