Automation and Analytics

Analyticsr health presents the opportunity for all healthcare organizations to leverage vast amounts of information to identify insights that not only allow the improvement of care delivery, but also support the success of providers themselves. It brings innovative solutions for automating healthcare processes, reducing human efforts and errors in result oriented processes as desired by the client. These processes could be standalone, small functions critical for patient care and satisfaction. A strong foundation to leverage all available data, including lab work, genomics, diagnosis codes, and various historical information enables physicians to identify treatments that can yield the best outcome for a patient with the least toxic effect We bring in the opportunity for tailor made IT solutions to leverage data for better patient care and organizational success.

The many benefits of clinical and financial analytics have yet to be fully realized in health care. Integrating analytics within the HMIS is the logical next step for using analytics to improve care and better manage patients. Analytic tools help organizations at a strategic level by identifying broad cohorts and segmenting those cohorts into targeted risk populations using a robust population analytics platform to better collect and analyze that data enables better patient relationship management. The platform applies population cohort analysis, risk stratification, predictive analytics and longitudinal outcomes tracking to help care teams identify individual patients at high risk.